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Sand & Cement Traditional & Skim Coat

The most common/classic style of applying cement render finish to brick or masonry substrates

Polystyrene Render & Installation

Rendering over polystyrene cladding. This is done by applying a two coat skim system with a fibrous mesh troweled in between the layers, with an acrylic texture render applied over the top

Bagged Finishes

Bagging is a simple & cost effective way of applying a sand & cement finish coast to brick work


Blue Board/ Fibrous Cement Sheeting

This is done by setting the joins with fiber mesh and cement then applying a two coat acrylic texture render with a float finish

Renovations & New Builds

We specialise in renovations or interior/exterior rendering, fences or retaining walls & new builds

Repairs & Patch Work

We can repair and patch existing property's that have minor damage


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