Quality Solid Plastering, Servicing The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gympie


Who Are We?

Rendered To Perfection is owned and operated by a licensed and qualified solid plasterer with over 10 years experience.

Having rendered in various styles throughout Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and WA Rendered To Perfection can bring the experience and quality workmanship to provide solutions to all rendering needs.



Quality Contracting at Competitive Rates, Reliable & 100% Customer Satisfaction

Sand & Cement Traditional & Skim Coat

The most common/classic style of applying cement render finish to brick or masonry substrates

Polystyrene Render & Installation

Rendering over polystyrene cladding. This is done by applying a two coat skim system with a fibrous mesh troweled in between the layers, with an acrylic texture render applied over the top

Bagged Finishes

Bagging is a simple & cost effective way of applying a sand & cement finish coast to brick work


Blue Board/ Fibrous Cement Sheeting

This is done by setting the joins with fiber mesh and cement then applying a two coat acrylic texture render with a float finish

Renovations & New Builds

We specialise in renovations or interior/exterior rendering, fences or retaining walls & new builds

Repairs & Patch Work

We can repair and patch existing property's that have minor damage



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